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Cosmos – Iron C1-488


, Never utilize the appliance if broken I anyway

, The cord shouldn’t be permitted to touch the only real plate when it’s hot.

, Constantly place the iron using its back again on a company flat work surface when interrupting ironing and after make use of.

, After some time, nevertheless, this will stop. Some pats from the iron have already been somewhat smoke when linked for the very first time. Keep carefully the soleplate smooth , prevent card connection with a metallic object.

, If the primary cord of the appliance is broken, it should be changed by the initial type only.

, When leaving, even though only for some time, constantly unplug the iron.

Ironing Temperature

, Check firs if a label with ironing teaching is mounted on the article to become ironed.

, The table is definitely valid for the dietary fiber materials only.

, Therefore, begins ironing the content articles requiring the cheapest temperature such as for example those setting of synthetics materials. The iron gets hotter quicker than it cools down.

, Finish by ironing natural cotton and linen. After that progress to the bigger temperatures.

Ironing Tips

, Adjust the elevation from the ironing table so the deal with o the iron is definitely on a single level s your elbow.

, Ironing is most reliable if the laundry is definitely slightly moist. Pressing onto the iron isn’t required if the temp has been arranged correctly.

When Finished Ironing

, Put on the iron on its back side.

,MIN, Arranged the temp dial to put ,

, Take away the cord from your wall socket.

, Allow iron cool off for as least thirty minutes

, Shop the iron sitting on its back side to avoid damaged soleplate.


, Before cleaning gets rid of the cords in the wall socket, allow iron cool off sufficiently.

, The applying can be cleansed with a wet cloth

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