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Dfg Ec2000 Electric Spiral Coil Binding Machine Review


The DFG EC-2000 is much duty electric spiral coil binding machine that’s created for users that want to get a superior quality durable machine but don’t need the fully disengageable dies provided by the E-TitanCoil.

Manufactured by the Record Completing Group, the EC2000 emerges at a fantastic price point taking into consideration its features. Plus its among the least expensive durable electric powered coil binding devices in the marketplace.

This machine is specifically made to meet up with the needs of organizations that require much duty highly productive binding machine but won’t need to bind documents that are longer or shorter than eleven inches.

Talents / Features:

After taking the EC2000 from the box among the first things which i noticed was how heavy and durable this machine is. The EC-2000 uses the same durable case and style as the more costly E-Titan Coil, it simply does not have disengageable dies. Nevertheless, your body and case of the machine are in fact made of large die cast steel components. From taking a look at images on the web, I thought which the case upon this machine may have been manufactured from plastic.

In testing the punch upon this machine I could punch up to 25 sheets of 20lb paper. Nevertheless, this was a reasonably tight fit. This is really a good punching convenience of a machine of the type and really should give excellent productivity for some medium and huge sized organizations. I’d most likely recommend punching between twenty and twenty-two bed sheets of paper at the same time.

The EC-2000 carries a couple of spiral coil crimping pliers in the box with the device. It really is great that machine carries a pair given that they price about $30 when you have to buy them individually. These pliers are made to trim and crimp the ends of the coil so the spirals usually do not spin cool off of the bound documents.

As well as the heavy duty electric powered punch, the EC2000 also contains several other great benefits. It also includes a spiral coil inserter at the top of the device and a feet pedal change to activate either the punch or inserter. It includes a record measuring device included in the right part of the device and a depth of punch margin control within the remaining side of the device.

Weaknesses / Restrictions:

The main limitation from the EC2000 and the key reason why it costs considerably significantly less than various other electric coil binding machines may be the fact it does not have any disengageable dies. Nevertheless, without disengageable dies, your webpages find yourself with a fifty percent hole within the advantage of your articles. Truthfully, the device can punch nearly every length of record. This will not appearance professional as well as the openings are therefore close together that it’s virtually impossible in order to avoid. This may not really seem like it really is an issue. This simply implies that it isn’t possible to avoid the specific pins from punching. Nevertheless, this fact helps it be extremely difficult to punch any size of record apart from eleven ins using the binding machine.

The EC-2000 includes a built-in electric coil inserter. Plus, the roller over the EC2000 is situated at the top of the device. The inserter still functions fine, it really is just more challenging to make use of than various other coil inserters that I’ve examined. Using two much longer rollers is simpler for placing coils than using one shorter one. A great many other coil binding devices consist of dual rollers that prolong the entire duration of the machine. Nevertheless, the inserter upon this machine is normally more challenging to make use of than a number of the various other coil inserters that I’ve used. This style pushes you to lift the web pages of your record up to the roller, adding time for you to the inserting procedure. To begin with, it only provides one roller rather than two as well as the roller is six inches longer.

This machine runs on the foot pedal to activate the punch as well as the coil inserter. Nevertheless, the feet pedal isn’t nearly as durable as the various other components applied to this machine. Which means that it may have to ultimately be changed. The feet pedal may be the weakest hyperlink with this machine and due to the fact it’ll need to become stepped on hundreds and a large number of times that is somewhat concerning.


For companies that just need to bind notice sized paperwork, the EC-2000 is a superb choice. Though it cannot deal with legal size, A4 or fifty percent notice sized bedding, this machine offers all the additional features contained in far more costly binding machines.

It includes a heavy duty electric powered punch, a built-in coil inserter, a depth of punch margin control as well as includes a couple of coil crimpers.

Many of these items help to make the EC2000 a fantastic choice for moderate and large sized companies.

You can find certainly better machines in the marketplace. Nevertheless, this machine has an excellent bang for your buck provided that you are able to live using its limitations.

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