Saturday, August 17, 2019
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Gbc P75 Proclick Spine Closer And Finisher Review


* The brand new GBC P75 Proclick finisher was created to help improve efficiency allowing users to efficiently bind paperwork using Proclick binding spines.

* Proclick spines can be purchased in 4 different colours (Dark, Navy, Frost and White colored) and in 3 different sizes (5/16″, 1/2″ and 5/8″). The P75 was created to work with many of these spines.

* Proclick binding spines had been originally made to end up being shut using a little zipper device. This machine was created to help Proclick users to boost the binding procedure and save period. Nevertheless, most users can see the zipper tool is definitely difficult to make use of as well as the spines have to be shut yourself. The Proclick P200 includes a built in backbone closer, nonetheless it can not work perfectly either.

* However, it’s important to note the P75 isn’t a binding punch. It really is created for users who curently have a Proclick binding machine or for those who choose to get pre-punched paper and addresses.

Advantages / Features:

* The P75 is in fact super easy to use. You just thread the punched webpages of your record onto the backbone and then place the spine in to the neck of the device. In my screening, I could bind documents nearly doubly fast using the P75 as I had been using the zipper device contained in my package of proclick spines. You just change the knob and it squeezes the backbone closed. There’s a huge knob privately of the device.

* The machine comes with an incredibly little footprint and a fascinating contemporary design. There’s a translucent turn down lid at the top of the device and the complete unit is eight ins deep. Which means that it won’t consider up a whole lot of space within the counter when it’s not used.

* Remarkably, the P75 is in fact fairly inexpensive. It really is great to visit a sensible price on the proprietary device. Selling for about eighty dollars, this machine includes a fair price that means it is accessible for some organizations.

Weaknesses / Restrictions:

* Even though P75 really helps to conserve period when binding multiple paperwork. Users who just need to bind several documents at the same time will likely find that it’s still quicker to bind their paperwork either yourself or using the zipper device. The most period savings will end up being realized with all the P75 within an set up line style with one individual punching or set up and someone else shutting the spines.

* This machine is easy to use, little and had a fascinating appear. Users who have to bind records bigger than 5/8″ dense or who want a particular color of binding backbone would want to look at a different binding design. Proclick is obtainable in three sizes and four shades. However, it generally does not perform anything to get over the restrictions of Proclick binding.

* As was discussed earlier, this machine will not add a punch. Additionally it could be used in combination with 32 gap pre-punched paper and addresses. It’ll need to be coupled with a Proclick P50, P110 or P210e binding machine.


* The brand new GBC Proclick P75 finisher is a superb new machine that’s offered by a price that’s fair.

* This machine is an excellent choice for users that are binding 10 or more records at onetime using GBC proclick spines.

* However, it’s important to consider that machine is a partner item to a proclick or 3:1 pitch cable binding machine and isn’t an entire binding system.

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