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Tamerica Tashin Durawire 450 Manual Twin Loop Wire Closer Review


The Tamerica Durawire 450 is a superior quality durable wire closer created for high volume users who have to bind papers with twice loop wire.

This machine was created to close “C” shaped wire-o, double loop, spiral-o, wirebind, twin loop, and double-o elements into round binding spines.

The Durawire 450 is a legal sized wire nearer that is a perfect companion to your durable interchangeable die modular binding punch. Actually, this machine was created specifically for printing shops, binderies, printers, duplicate shops and high quantity users.

Advantages / Features:

Though it is challenging to tell from pictures on the web, the Tamerica Durawire-450 is truly a durable commercial quality wire closer. The Durawire 450 is made for high quantity binding applications where a huge selection of documents have to be destined each day. It includes a huge steel foundation and uses durable metal parts for added strength.

Like the majority of of the additional top quality wire binding devices available on the market, the Durawire 450 uses two durable metallic adjustment knobs to regulate the closing mechanism. They are able to also be utilized to regulate the nearer from remaining to to compensate for inconsistencies together with your cable binding spines. These knobs are accustomed to adjust the nearer for different sizes of cable.

This machine is adjustable and it is with the capacity of closing the vast majority of the various sizes of wire that exist available on the market. It can actually be utilized with 19 band spiral-o cable combs. It really is appropriate for both little size 3:1 pitch cables and with huge 2:1 pitch spines. The just size of cable that’s not appropriate for this machine is usually 1-1/2″ cable. The Durawire 450 may be used to close 3/16″ cables and cables as huge as 1-1/4″ in size.

The Durawire-450 is a legal sized opener that’s made to close spines up to fourteen inches long. Plus this machine offers open ends and may be utilized for closing bigger sized documents utilizing a two stage process. It could be used for just about any size of record up to 14″ long including notice, legal, A4 and fifty percent letter size spines.

Weaknesses / Restrictions:

Even though Durawire-450 is both durable and versatile, it really is still a manual device. It could sometimes be hard to go the document in to the cable closer with no the webpages fall off. To be able to use it you must first suspend the pages of the document on your cable spine and you must transport the backbone to the cable closer. With repetition this may become easier.

However, the best volume users may choose to consider a power wire shutting machine like the GBC TL-2900. The TL2900 gives you to hold the pages on your own wires set up. However, additionally it is a more costly answer. This eliminates the necessity to move the record to the cable closer and significantly improves productivity.


The Tamerica Durawire 450 is fantastic for organizations that require to close different sizes and lengths of twin loop wire.

It is a perfect choice for printing shops, in vegetable printers, duplicate shops, binderies and other agencies that require to bind a lot of documents.

The Durawire 450 is strong, durable and it is with the capacity of binding nearly every size and amount of wire imaginable.

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